Monday, December 28, 2020

Lets go skating


Yes its cold outside
Come with me to the ice rink
Do not be afraid
I will hold your hand

Pose: Something New - SN~ Ice Skate Lovers CHRISTMAS STORE 50% OFF 

MOoH! has this amazing gacha filled with fun snowscene stuff
MOoH! Snow scene gacha

decor used is all from the gacha set 

pink set:
Hair: tram J0813 
earrings & necklace: KUNGLERS - Jonelle set
Jacket with top: *B.D.R.* Belinda Jacket @ Sense Dec 18th - Jan 8th
pants: Blueberry - Unbothered - Jeans & Leather Pants - Fat Pack

Skates with socks: MOoH! Olga ice skates

Black white set:

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Singing in the Rain


I'm singin' in the rain
Just singin' in the rain
What a glorious feeling
I'm happy again.

Hair: tram J0813 

 MOoH! is has an awesome cute set of funny rainboots with prints and animal faces @ The gacha garden Nov 1 - 30
They are 50L a try. Only for Maitreya. 
When you play 20 times you get the Seed of Inspiration.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

My Sacrifice


with this heart
i will spill the blood
of the evil
to cure the pure

Pose & prop Something New **SN~So Heartless @ The Mad Circus 6 10-31 Oct

Hair: tram J0813 with the Uber gift bangs
Blood: Izzie's - Face & Body Blood & Wounds (only used the body, not face)
Dress: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Coven -Dress- @The Dark Style Fair 9 - 30 Oct
Phedora ~ Dracarys heels

Tree: Black OAK Witch Tree - Soul Catcher - Power Runes

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Forever Cat lovers


I love cats because I enjoy my home; 
and little by little, 
they become its visible soul

MOoH! has an awesome gacha 
with "don't disturb the cat" items 

Something New has an amazing Halloween store
with all halloween poses and props, for my picture i used:
Something New - 
SN~ Spider Bite Backdrop
 Only 10L in Halloween store now

other decor: 
[PR] Roses Shelf White - Black - Black
::Static:: Catskull Candle - Bare

Monday, September 14, 2020

Come to the Party they said


Come to the Party.... they said
It will be fun......they said
and i waited.......
Drink champagne and waited......
Drink more......waited more.....

TWE12VE Sept 12 - 30

Something New has an amazing fun Prop & Pose
with 4 single poses and the scene on the picture 


MOoH! has an awesome gacha 
with skeleton avatars and a table and chairs to sit them on for a Halloween dinner.
 There are also decor items to complete the party
For the picture i used the MOoH! Magician skeleton avatar